Make keyboarding instruction fun, and entice elementary and middle school students to build their skills. This Web-delivered curriculum combines interactive lessons with flexible, adaptive practices that quickly bring students to touch-typing mastery.


Our Keyboarding Lessons:

    • Curriculum for grades K-1, 2-5 and for grades 6-12
    • Interactive, self-paced Lessons and Practices
    • Library of skill-builder exercises and longer story-form challenges
    • Reports on progress, and areas to practice
    • Web-delivered, so no downloads or installations
    • Give students the structure of daily keyboarding practice which is proven to improve accuracy and speed
    • Cover foundational keyboarding concepts like QWERTY hand positioning, basic shortcuts and commands
    • Engage students with interactive lessons and games


Next Generation Adaptive Keyboarding:

  • Features updated technology and offers intuitive, role-based user interfaces with a modern design for higher student engagement and ease of use
  • Gives students a series of prescriptive pathways that adapt to their individual needs as they complete a combination of keyboarding practices
  • Engages students as they earn badges when they complete formative assessments, exercises, and skill and story challenges