Which grades does K12Kidz offer?
K12Kidz offers a comprehensive NJ aligned curriculum for Pre-K, elementary school and middle since 2011.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a third party appraisal of a school, examining their organization, mission, method of operation, standards and assessment, supervision and evaluation of their student’s education. There are many accrediting agencies; regional, religious, national and international. The purpose of accreditation is to engage the institution in self-assessment with the goal of strengthening and sustaining quality and integrity. Accreditation of schools demonstrates a confidence by the accrediting agency of a school’s standards of excellence. Such standards ensure that a school has goal-directed plans of action that guide its performance, effectiveness and development with an emphasis on student learning.

Is K12Kidz accredited?
K12Kidz Academy is accredited by National Independent Study Accreditation Council. Please visit our accreditation page to view more information on NISAC and how to contact them.

Who is NISAC Accreditation Agency?
NISAC exists to assist online and home school programs throughout the United States with third party accreditation. NISAC only accredits elementary, junior and senior high schools offering home schooling, distance learning or independent study to students who are taught at home or study independently. NISAC also provides accreditation and credibility for such schools. NISAC accreditation is accepted by most PSEs (aka – Post Secondary Education – PSE). Sometimes a PSE may require further information or documentation from a student prior to acceptance of their enrollment. Further information may include; a conversation with the graduating school’s administrator, a GED, or other requirements to satisfy their application policies. It can be helpful to know to which PSEs a student plans to apply.

Why isn’t NISAC recognized by the United States of Department of Education?
NISAC does not qualify for recognition with the United States Department of Education (USDE) as an accrediting agency, because the USDE only recognizes post-secondary accrediting agencies. NISAC does not accredit colleges or universities.

Does accreditation get my student into the college of his choice?
Accreditation by NISAC is certainly an advantage, but it’s not a guarantee of acceptance. College acceptance ultimately depends on each college’s admission process and how well-rounded your student is as a candidate, based on grades, ACT or SAT scores, and other considerations. Colleges, universities, institutions and governmental entities (aka – Post Secondary Education – PSE) each have the right to individually evaluate an applicant’s transcript and their graduating school’s accreditation to determine their policies and acceptance. While some PSEs desire accreditation from a regional agency, most regional accrediting agencies do not provide accreditation for schools exclusively offering distant learning, home schooling, and/or independent study. Two specific universities which only accept regional accreditation are the University of Phoenix and DeVry University. This means that they will not accept a transcript from a NISAC accredited institution.

Does accreditation matter for my elementary or middle school student?
Accreditation matters to students in all grade levels because it is a holistic measure of institutional quality and academic rigor. Accreditation means your K-8th grader is being educated at an academy that has been evaluated and certified according to strict standards of educational excellence. If your grade school student should transfer to another school, you can also be assured K12Kidz accredited status will help your student’s coursework be recognized and will reduce the need to repeat coursework.

Does an online school need a NJ certification to be valid?
NJ law states that private online entities do not need any certification from the state of NJ to operate.

How long does it take to complete the program?
This depends on how many courses you already have completed elsewhere and how quickly you complete each course. The program is self-paced. You could complete a grade level in as little as four to six weeks.

How is progress tracked?
You are able to access your child’s progress report through the virtual classroom, for each class. We also provide detailed progress reports upon request in the event a more in depth report is required.

Is there a time limit on assignments?
With our self-directed program your child can work at his or her own pace, repeating the lessons they need, to make sure they are able to master the subject matter.

Is there a contract?
You are not bound by a contact, we keep things simple by offering a month-to-month plan that you can cancel anytime without any penalty.

What type of school is K12Kidz?
K12Kidz is an online private school. Our program offers a virtual classroom for your child where they can work at their own pace mastering each lesson. Most of our students are homeschoolers and their parents find that it is a very easy, practical and effective solution. They feel at ease knowing that there aren’t any gaps in their child’s education.

What are assessment tests ?
Assessments are tests given to students so we are able to determine exactly what areas they are proficient in and where they need extra help. When a child takes our assessment test they are then presented with a customized core curriculum from 1st to 8th grades to fit their needs so they may benefit as much as possible from our program.
Assessments tests also aide in the placing the student in the correct grade level.

Why is Writing the only class not automatically graded?
Our Writing class is not automatically graded like every other class in our self directed program because we encourage parents to take part in this class to review their child’s work and ensure their writing is progressing.

How soon after registration will I be able to access my courses?
Within 24 to 48hrs you will be emailed your student’s long-in information.