Teach Your Child the Language of the Future

Like the foundation of a building, computer science and coding is the framework that supports many elements of the world we live in. From security and banking to shopping, travel and social media, we interact with computers and the code that controls them every day. As with any new language, the sooner students are exposed to coding, the easier it will be to develop fluency and apply these skills to a broad range of careers.

Our Coding Program:


  • Help students start to recognize and use patterns, and develop the skills needed to succeed in the new digital economy
  • Equip students to go beyond being a consumer by becoming a creator and builder
  • Empower parents to competently help their child learn to code, even if they have no prior experience teaching coding
  • Offer easy-to-understand coding lessons that can be taught to students as young as second grade level, and as advanced as high school
  • Provide simulations and models to make it simple for students and parents alike to comprehend complex computational concepts